The Capricorn sign with a blue background

It's the end of a stage - Capricorn Horoscope for Tuesday, January 12, 2021

It will be difficult for some natives but you will finally leave behind certain people or places that aren't part of your present anymore


The waning Moon is in your sign, Capricorn. This means that you will have extreme emotional sensitivity today and there are many issues from the past that you need to leave behind if you want to start again.  You may feel very sad and nostalgic because of this but this is a turning point in your life. You will benefit from taking it with less drama and more naturality.

If you're single, many images of romantic relationships from the past will come back to your memory in order to guide you in your present.

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Money won't be very present in your mind today. On the contrary, you could even be a bit careless today when doing things and some of your projects may be delayed.

The gears of destiny are working because of your actions and this will fascinate you. If you're unemployed, your attitude should be optimistic. You won't benefit from thinking about what could go wrong and the things you can't offer. It's time you prove your worth and your abilities. Feeling miserable won't help you succeed but if you're optimistic you will be able to start walking towards a new horizon for your career.

It's when you feel abundant regardless of the situation that everything around you starts to work out.


Your thoughts have an effect on your body so sadness, apathy, or melancholy can affect your well-being more than you think. Focus on positive thinking and open up to a healthy optimistic pattern that guarantees your well-being.

Exercise is an excellent tool to stay in a good mood.  The endorphins you generate when exercising are crucial for your health. Similarly, you can't forget to go out in the sun and expose your skin to get vitamin D. Of course, be careful with the time of day you do it, you don't want to get sunburnt!

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