Capricorn Horoscope Sunday 2020

You're an unstoppable hot bomb - Capricorn Horoscope for Sunday, October 11, 2020

Your sexuality and the desire to share the love you feel will be very strong today


Today the natives of Capricorn will choose a different way of communicating with their partner. Instead of the usual sweet words, they will prefer to unleash their sexual desire and enjoy more intimate moments together. This way, you will express all the love you feel.

The sensitivity of the Moon in Leo requires specific actions and expressions that bring you happiness and show exactly how much time you wish to spend with that special person. You want both of you to know and express the love you feel for each other. With this energy in the air, some Capricorns can expect a thrilling proposal today, such as a marriage proposal or the suggestion of moving together.

If you’re single right now, this energy will still affect you so you’re very likely to be the protagonist of a scandalous situation with an ex-lover!

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You may be a little behind your obligations right now and you need to feel that your professional world is in order and functioning correctly. Journals and notebooks have always been of great help for the natives of Earth signs. When you write down your wishes and objectives it makes it easier for you to materialize them and organize them in your mind.

These days, the economic issues you could have at home or at work with your partners will be exposed and discussed until you finally reach an agreement. It’s a very positive day for you and you don’t need to worry because things will be very fair to you.

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The Stars invite the natives of Capricorn to relax and enjoy their bodies this Sunday. Love, sex, good food, sun, nature, all these are things that can add much more to your health than any vitamin or supplement. Find what makes you happy!

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