Capricorn Horoscope Wednesday 2020

Observe yourself and sort out your feelings - Capricorn Horoscope for Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Having a clear perspective will help you make better choices in all the areas of your life


The natives of Capricorn will feel the effect of intense Star configurations today. They will invite you to think about the way you express yourself and how it affects your loved ones. Your closest circle needs you to soften your heart and drop your mask.

Of course, you’re entitled to feel dissatisfied with your love life at some point. You know both you and your partner could be better than that but you know there’s nothing you will solve with coldness and distance. If you ask your partner for a change, you will just make the situation more uncomfortable.

You need to adjust your own feelings. Reason in silence and observe your reactions before you ask anybody to change.

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The Moon in Virgo will be an energetic help for the natives of Capricorn. It will boost your intellectual capacities.

If you’re studying, you can be confident because your academic performance will be excellent. You will find it easy to show your knowledge and you will get the approval of your teachers.

You need to see things from a different perspective before making decisions about a certain issue. Your creativity and your young and sensitive spirit will help you here.

The lucky number for the natives will be 40. This number is connected to stability and materialization of dreams through order and routines. It will help you focus on your objectives.

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You could feel completely exhausted on an emotional level today. You’re trying to be more specific in some subjects and this requires great deals of energy. Try to relax, Capricorn, and remember that eventually everything will work out.