The Capricorn sign

Think positively and prosperity will come to you - Capricorn Horoscope for Monday, January 11, 2021

Conversations with your partner about money and financial security will be very important


This Monday a new week begins with many beneficial aspects for Capricorn. Venus in your sign will leave a mark and it will help you if you're trying to consolidate a relationship. Don't worry if you feel that your relationship is falling apart. Even if you're single right now, you could end up meeting someone. You need to know that this person won't be just a brief romance but someone who will become very important in your life.

Conversations regarding money in common will be a necessary display of trust between you two.

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Capricorn, today will be a hectic day and the Stars will challenge your ability to negotiate and manage. Focus your energy in only one direction. Mercury in Aquarius will benefit everything connected to writing, paperwork, and real estate sales.

Listen to your rivals and you will find solutions that will favour you all. Eventually, this will give you better benefits in the long run.

The lucky number for you today is 22. Capricorn, this number represents The Fool in the Arcana Tarot. It's connected to the wisdom of accepting the new paths that open in front of you.


You feel your energy is balanced today. You could spend part of the day just enjoying life and its challenges.

The efforts from the past brought you the strength you need to bear with your day-to-day without worrying too much. You will feel strong enough to work on your career while having a balanced personal life.

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