The sign of Capricorn with a black starred background

Passion will spark again in your life - Capricorn Horoscope for Friday, December 11, 2020

If the concerns of your day-to-day take their toll on your vibrations, it means it's time for a change!


Your relationship with your partner is a duality, Capricorn. You are affectively distant but you also try to get closer to each other. Thanks to Venus from Escorpio, sexual encounters will be like a balm for you. Your tendency to look for stability and security everywhere will lead you to reject this situation and you could end up choosing distance instead of ups and downs.

Capricorn is a sign known for being cold and thorough in your actions. That’s why you will have to think clearly and choose the path that makes your soul feel in peace.

You need to be alert, Capricorn. Some unstable personalities around you could be trying to manipulate you. Your ideal partner is someone solid, peaceful, with clear objectives. Your challenge as a single native will be being able to detect these characteristics when someone approaches you.

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It’s not a good day for your career. You may be too confused today, Capricorn. The general situation will make you feel that you depend on other people in your professional and financial life and this could weaken your natural strength.

You want to go one direction but destiny takes somewhere you don’t want to be anymore and this could make you remember mistakes from the past.


Stress and tiredness will take their toll on your health today. Try to find relief from the emotional pressure that keeps your vibrations low.

Get carried away by the feeling of freedom in nature – it will make you feel well. Some outdoors activities will help you connect with the energy of the sun and plants. Walking or sitting by the shade of a tree can give you much more than you could imagine and will make your energetic field grow.

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