The sign of Capricorn in half a purple circle

You may spend more money than you should - Capricorn Horoscope for Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Be careful because the influence of the Stars could make you spend way more money than you can afford


Thes Stars will have a beautiful effect on your love life, Capricorn. If you're in a relationship, you should make sure that certain issues that you had already got over don't come back and disrupt your relationship. Be mindful when talking to your partner and always listen to their feelings with all your respect. Maybe you're willing to sacrifice certain personal needs in order to help your loved ones evolve. There's much you can offer. You will choose to help others grow and you will give in without any condition.

The expression of love and the need for physical contact will be present thanks to the action of Venus in Pisces. This conjunction will enhance love and limitless empathy.

If you're a single Capricorn, it's time for you to open your heart without fear or limiting expectations. The Stars will bring presents to your emotional life.

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The Moon in Aquarius will make you splurge because of your emotions. If you need to make someone a present, you will feel like spoiling them and you can end up using the money you were saving for another purpose.

The lucky number for the natives of Capricorn today will be 144. This will have an energetic influence that will help you get harmony and strength to complete material issues.


You take seriously the fact that you need to look after your health. The transit of Mars in your area of health and habits will push you to take further action. The influence of Mars can lead you to take up a new sport or do new exercises. This planetary position can benefit your health if you combine this new healthy activity with the good habits you've recently adopted.

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