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You will receive enlightening information - Capricorn Horoscope for Thursday, December 10, 2020

Finding peace and understanding will be more beneficial than you had expected


Today will be a very special day for most natives of Capricorn. The Sun joins the Node in your area of the unknown, hidden enemies, and problems that have their origin in your childhood. This means that you will have a revelation regarding your affective nature. You will feel enlightened.

The day begins with the Moon in Libra and this could cause some conflicts. Your family or the people living with you might ask for your attention. This means that you and your partner have to try to have a better disposition to talk about the affairs of the heart. Otherwise, you could have some heated discussions.

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Try to avoid conversations about money when you’re at home today. Joint accounts, day-to-day expenses, or shared goods could trigger an argument. The conflict could grow because of a lack of understanding of the other person’s needs and limitations.

It’s not a good day to tackle these issues because the Stars have conflicting energy that could make you feel threatened.

The lucky number for Capricorns today will be 15. This number invites you to think about your relationship with money and power and it will help you choose a new direction.


You will feel well but the problems you may have with your loved ones will definitely drain your energy today. This energy drain because of your day-to-day may take its toll on your well-being and it could affect the size of your thymus gland. Expand your chest, sing, smile even if you don’t feel like it. Massage your sternum and it will relieve some of the sadness that you may feel.

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