Capricorn Horoscope Wednesday 2020

Avoid conflict and discord - Capricorn Horoscope for Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Love will be more effective than the war some people close to you may propose


The Moon in the sign of Scorpio gives its last touches of energy and will bring you closer to living the deepest desires of your sensual life. It will be a day full of desires and high vibrations in the emotional realm. In fact, you may realize that the time has come to let go of some habits in your behaviour that prevent the development of intimacy in your partner.

Give yourself over to enjoying every inch of your body without limits, you will discover that this is part of your well-being.

In the area of family relationships, especially within the home. If someone wants to confront you, it will be difficult for you to avoid provocation and confrontation.

You have developed an enormous sense of intuition and that is why  you don't let yourself be fooled by Capricorn, you perceive everyone's motivations.

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It's a great day to go shopping if you need items to make improvements to your home. Everything related to your family life is under a dynamic influence of the planet Mars on this day. Even if you are trying to find the ideal home to move to, you should not miss this good astrological opportunity.

If you're one of those natives who is looking for a job, take a moment of the day to remind your friends that your search is important, perhaps they can help you. Don't let your pride drive you to isolating yourself.


If you're neglecting certain aspects of your diet, it's time to get back into better dietary habits. Dressings, snacks and sweets can wreak havoc on your health.

Get into the good habit of seasoning your food with lemon or a few drops of good quality oil. Decrease fried foods and increase portions of fruits, lean meats, and green salads.