Capricorn Horoscope for Thursday

You will live a secret romance - Capricorn Horoscope for Thursday, April 1, 2021

The Moon in Sagittarius will give you enough powerful energy to enjoy your love life


Capricorn, your family life will receive the influx of Venus in good aspect with the Moon and will give you the need to be loved – but this may not always happen the way you want it to happen.

You want to enjoy life in the company of your partner and you won't admit problems or demands of any kind. Even if it's not always possible, you just want to have fun without worrying about anything.

A health problem will affect your circle of friends and you will bring your support and help when you feel you have this obligation. You will have to stop being selfish and when this happens, your friend will feel happy for your kind words and advice.

Many natives of the second decan are living a romance full of passion thanks to the energy of the Fire element that influences them. Capricorn, you may choose to enjoy a secret love story.

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You will feel that luck is by your side when you find out you have some extra money you didn't count on.

If you're unemployed, the Stars will give you plenty of business ideas. These ideas will come to your mind when you're meditating or whenever you're unstressed and without worries. Trivial activities such as having a shower or washing the dishes could be the perfect moment to come up with a fantastic idea.


Capricorn, you're one of the signs that are currently transforming the way you see life. This can affect your health and whether it's a positive or negative effect is completely up to you.

Meditation can help you achieve a state of inner happiness and gratefulness for life. Every inch of your body responds by healing and rejuvenating.

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