Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Cancer Weekly Horoscope: January 30th – February 5th, 2023

Cancer, leave the warmth of home

Cancer, the Weekly Horoscope gives you the opportunity to make a fresh start, so don't miss your prediction for this week!


Cancer, the Horoscope points out that, during this week, love will show you its kindest side. In the sentimental sphere, shake off the melancholy that your ruler, the bewitching moon of your sign, gives you.

On February 5th, the full moon in Leo will connect you with the sensations of your body. The energy of fire will make you vibrate with passion!

As a couple, strengthen your magical bond, dance under the halo of the lunar star. If you're single, venture into unknown territories. Don't be afraid to leave the warmth of home.

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Your Weekly Horoscope prediction is very clear: when it comes to money, you should find balance. Your tendency to get carried away by emotions might cloud your judgment.

Perform grounding rituals this week. Walk in nature barefoot and absorb the energy of the earth. Work on finding coherence between mind and heart.

The need to act with a cool head asserts itself. Take distance from feelings and value objectivity.


Your Horoscope encourages you to think about your purpose in life. Humans are your thing, as no one shows more empathy for the welfare of others. If you find yourself at a professional crossroads, consider training as a coach or working in human resources, Cancer.

Use your gift to serve mankind; your leadership skills will make you shine in the eyes of others. Consider placing quartz in your workplace to absorb bad energies.


As far as friendships are concerned, you'll have to shield yourself this week so as not to suffer, Cancer. Your susceptibility to absorb moods makes you a perfect target for emotional distress. If things get serious, keep your distance, don't assume the role of a world savior.

Find a way to release accumulated toxicity, by taking a walk in nature, for example.


Your Weekly Horoscope recommends not taking things too much to heart this week. You should go through this cycle with calmness. Remember that you're the size of an ant in the vastness of the universe.

Deal with your affairs with perspective, because after the storm, the sun always shines again.