Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Cancer Weekly Horoscope: February 27th - March 5th, 2023

Cancer, this week root your feet on the ground

Cancer, your Weekly Horoscope comes determined to change your life. Wait until you discover what your sign has in store for you... The Stars conspire to help you on your way.


Cancer, your inherent beauty is endless. In the sentimental sphere, this week more than ever, your eyes reflect your soul. Your language is water, take advantage of the conjunction of Mercury in Pisces on the 2nd of March to express your most intimate longings.

As a couple, don't repress your need for affection. This is your great power, not a weakness. If you're single, avoid noisy places, because the voice of love will whisper to you very quietly.

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Your Weekly Horoscope recommends making room for new things. At home or at work, get rid of useless or old objects. Remember that those wear down your mental energy.

This week perform an energetic cleansing of your spaces. Light an incense of white sage or palo santo to purify your aura. Set an intention to attract abundance.

The season of Pisces will strengthen your intuition. The moon from the sky will offer you its cosmic wink.


Your Horoscope advises you to root your feet on the ground. In the professional field, the transit of the Stars is oriented toward the emotional aspects. Don't forget that work is only work; cold blood is necessary when making complicated decisions, Cancer.

Seek the help of a fellow Capricorn, for there's no one like this sign to remind you how to act with absolute pragmatism. The practice of meditation is highly recommended.


Cancer, the field of friendship will offer you great satisfaction this week. "He who has a friend has a treasure", and you know it well. Don't wait for a knock on your door.

Surprise a good friend with a theater ticket or a bottle of wine.


This week expose yourself to the elements to strengthen your defenses, Cancer. You live covered by a bubble of comfort. Go for a walk in inhospitable weather, dare the rain and the wind.

Afterward, a ray of sunshine on your face will feel like a blessing.