Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Cancer Weekly Horoscope: February 20th - February 26th, 2023

Cancer, avoid being overwhelmed by emotions

Cancer, your Weekly Horoscope conspires to bring you the best news. Find out what the Stars have in store for you over the course of the next few days, below.


Cancer, this week Venus enters Aries to shake up your languor. In the sentimental sphere, add sparkle to your life.

As a couple, enjoy a romantic date away from home. An evening of movies and a candlelit dinner will bring passion back into your relationship.

If you're single, the universe will put fascinating individuals in your path. Dare to step out of your comfort zone and let yourself be seduced by an admirer.

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Your Weekly Horoscope prediction urges you to keep a cool head. When it comes to money, your sign, coupled with the influence of Pisces, warns of an excess of water or emotions.

While feminine attributes, such as receptivity or listening, assert themselves, don't forget that it's also the year of the chariot. The inertia of the actions started in this cycle will help you to lead to auspicious business.


Your Horoscope invites you to explore your new interests. On the professional front, you're driven by a desire to help others. If you're considering a change of direction, coaching could be your ideal job, Cancer.

Reflect on what your great skills are and put them at the service of humanity. You'll find no greater satisfaction than assisting others in fulfilling their dreams. Offer a lamp to those who are lost in the dark.


Cancer, this week your sense of reverence for life will reveal itself in your friendships. The pampering you show for others won't go unnoticed; be prepared to receive recognition as a sign of gratitude.

Pay attention to a friend who is on a rough patch, your smile represents a miracle.


This week control your state of anxiety. Avoid letting passions get the better of you, as the astrological outlook reigns over emotions. Nerves in the stomach could harm your digestive system, causing constipation or diarrhea.

Meditate on your ruler, the Moon.