Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Cancer Weekly Horoscope: February 13th - February 19th, 2023

Cancer, remember that light comes in through the cracks

Cancer, your Weekly Horoscope awaits you with lots of news. What does fortune or love have in store for you? Find out what's happening on the astrological scene, below.


Cancer, rely on the laws of the universe during this week. In the sentimental sphere, an internal storm has shaken you with force. You feel exhausted and vulnerable, give yourself to this cycle without resistance.

As a couple, experience Valentine's Day tomorrow at home, your own private paradise.

On the contrary, if you've experienced heartbreak, allow yourself to feel the latent pain in your heart. Only from this truth will you be ready for healing. Remember that through the cracks, light comes in.

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Your Weekly Horoscope portends certain bewilderment. A business you thought consolidated suddenly reels. Don't waste your energies holding up a crumbling structure, allow it to fall apart.

Life always goes in your favor. What you now consider a catastrophe is no more than a great blessing. The individuals or situations weren't the most suitable for collaboration.

Thank the universe for having your back.


Your Horoscope augurs significant interactions. On the work front, the Sun's entry into Pisces on the 18th will make it easier for souls to understand each other. Let dialogue with others help you understand your role in this world, what service could you render to humanity?

The spiritual aspect at work will bring you great satisfaction; financial gains are merely a well-deserved bonus, Cancer.


Cancer, in terms of friendship, you'll feel in your element. A celebration at home will bring you cherished moments. Record the mental image of those you love laughing with happiness.

Their memory will give your heart a warmth you can't explain.


This week don't overlook an issue of palpitations or tachycardia, Cancer. This issue could be due to the side effect of a medication. Consult with your doctor and try to relax.

An energy therapy, such as healing with Tibetan singing bowls, could be very beneficial.