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Your Weekly Cancer Horoscope for 9 - 15 May 2022

This will be an interesting week to keep your hopes high, Cancer


Cancer, did you know that illusion comes from the Latin word 'ilusionis' and it means 'trick'?

That's what it is, our gift to believe in what we don't see, but helps us live.

Don't turn down your dreams. What would the world be without illusion?

This will be a surprising week, so leave settling down and routine aside.

Hop on to your personal roller coaster, because you're about to experience some nice times.


The Weekly Horoscope says that keeping your emotions balanced about finances is essential to keep the latter in the green.

Not controlling your emotions could lead you down a heinous road, because you blew out expenses without an order in place.

Keeping your mental power in check will help you flow the right way. Try to keep up financial balance.

You need to save up and plan your future. Be mindful and aware, and all will be well.


Your Horoscope says that slow and steady win the race, so don't despair! When you're shut off and turned away, keep moving on.

We generally don't move from our spot unless circumstances force us into that. Remember that pain always comes along with a purpose.

To reach a goal, you need to make the fight worth it. What's really good takes time, so you need patience and positive thinking.

It'll all be well, even if you're kind of drained now.


The Weekly Horoscope encourages you to cut ties with negativity; our world is extremely complicated, polar ends are more and more present, and they aren't healthy at all.

The serious stress our lifestyle pushes down on us, and the society where we live, can easily drive us down a negative road. Run away from it and don't make any headspace for it.

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