Cancer Weekly on a sky background with shooting stars

Cancer Weekly Horoscope for 8 - 14 March 2021: There's simpler, nicer romance yet to come

You'll tell yourself that you've got a great week ahead


Cancer, on Monday you'll tell yourself that you've got a great week ahead. With the best attitude possible, the universe will be on your side, and you'll see that there's simpler, nicer romance yet to come.

As far as married couples go, everything will be pretty positive for you. Thanks to the way you see the world, you'll be able to unlock some issues that had been stressing you out. You'll feel those heavy chains of pressure drop down, and your heart beating at a lighter, quicker pace.

And if you're single, someone will call upon your door to try and steal away your heart, although their flirting seems kind of outdated. Take this chance to show the real you and take off the mask that makes you an average Joe or Jane.

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At work, you'll be surrounded by honest, generous people. That's why whatever advice you get from your colleagues this week will be loaded up with experience, and all they'll intend is to help you progress. Don't take it as a personal attack if you're being corrected.

You need to work on your inner confidence, because doubting your own abilities does nothing but pull you back, and you're always dragging the feeling around of not doing things right.

Unfortunately, sales won't be your best feat these days, and you'll have to pull out all the stops if you work with the public by selling products or reaching certain goals.


Out of health, try to keep a good posture when you walk, or if you're sitting for long hours (for instance, at the computer).

Your plasticity has seen better days, and if you work your body off at the gym, a wellness boast could become an injury. Remember to obey every single piece of advice and recommendation from your coach to avoid further complications.

And when heading into the supermarket, you'll at least be agile enough to find healthy and not-so-common foods. Don't let yourself go with top name brands, just focus on getting quality products.

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