The Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Cancer Weekly Horoscope for 8 - 14 February 2021: You'll know which path to take

Your sense of humour will come and go as days go by


Cancer, this week you'll be laughing and getting mad.  Your sense of humour will come and go as days go by. Make the most of the days when your charm is outstanding, and you'll be making up for those moments when your grumpy side takes over.

In couples, you might break apart the peaceful life at home with completely out-of-place answers. You'll have to try to stop your lips from flying faster than your brain, and put selfishness into the backseat. Sometimes the way you say things is harsh and hurtful, but you don't want to see it.

If you're single, you'll use your most shallow side. You'll let yourself go with appearance and will showcase a personality that doesn't really fit in with your real self. You might be hiding behind a character because you're afraid of getting your heart broken.

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You're appreciative of the small things.  They're invisible to other people's eyes, but you manage to see their signs and find out what the right path to take is. Bet on your heart's decisions, because it's never too late to grow through your true calling.

Oftentimes, you study what you think you like, but you can't see that your real interest diverts off otherwise until time goes by. 2021 is just getting started, so if you want to change your course, do it straight away.

Always keep your dreams and concerns alive without anything pressuring your mind. And in the same way, push off any toxic individuals that encourage you to stay the way you are, stuck down in routine or with an unsatisfying job.


You can see which circumstances are harmful to your health, and you're pushing them straight off the road. You're working on your personal evolution, you'll rearrange your feelings and emotions, and you'll go down on your drama level in certain circumstances.

You're not necessarily lacking dynamics or hope, but sometimes the most mindless situations can make your good mood fly out the window.

Use this brand-new week to patch up some physical and mental wounds, and don't try to find a solution to your problems through food bingeing.

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