Cancer Horoscope Weekly 2020

Cancer Weekly Horoscope for 7 - 13 September 2020: Your tongue will be quicker than your mind

You'll feel more connected to your partner


Cancer, you're in for a new and unforgettable week, and despite your roller coaster of emotions, you should tread carefully through romance.  Your tongue could run quicker than your mind, and you could be spilling out private information on your partner or family, which would be seen as a full-blown form of betrayal.

Thus, you should take a backseat role in prickly conversations, and double your efforts to keep the laundry a domestic affair. That way, everyone will be safe from going through distress.

As the weekend looms closer, you'll feel more connected to your partner, and arguments will grow weaker. If you're single, you'll see that you're in for short-lived romance, despite the fact that you'd like them to last longer.

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It would be perfect if you started the week on a tight schedule where it's perfectly clear what you need to do and how much time you'll invest into each activity. If you do everything you can to get your timing right, it'll be okay; otherwise, you'll experience maximum frustration.

Besides, there's change coming to your finances, although it isn't clear yet what kind of change is coming. You might be able to finally rent that place which isn't taken yet, or your manager will reward you with a promotion (and its due increase in salary).

Be dynamic and creative, and that'll help you find new ways to save money. Have changes in your life come because you wanted them to, and make it clear that you want to enjoy an extremely prosper stage.

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You need to unleash your inner self  and let your hair down. Stop holding back and do the things you've always wanted to but never dared to do (or perhaps you've been forbidden from doing).

Physically speaking, you'll do fine, so you'll be able to devote some of your time to develop your more spiritual side. You'll show the real you to the world with no masks or taboo involved.

If anything, you might experience an unimportant hormone irregular flow, but that'll be because of age or your physical status. Some of you will find that certain foods cause intolerance or several types of allergies.