Purple Cancer sign on a dark purple background

Cancer Weekly Horoscope for 7 - 13 December 2020: Express your true form of love

Channel that love and give it to people around you


Cancer, Venus encourages you to be more loving, especially if you've noticed yourself getting quite dry gesture-wise. Break apart that neglect mask you usually wear, and share that true, pure love in your heart with your partner and family.

In the same way, you'll become more aware of the love they give you, which you sometimes underestimate because there's nothing but money or work in your mind. You need to learn to live with both worlds; otherwise, you'll regret it the day after tomorrow.

If you're single you'll experience a nostalgic week. Even if you've got dates and talk to other free-spirited people, you'll miss the happiness you shared with a past partner. Channel that love and give it to people around you (who definitely deserve it so much more).

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As far as work goes, you'll be a bit rebellious. You won't be easy to tame down and be put to work, and you could even have an argument with some of your managers if you're asked to do tasks you're not usually assigned, or your shifts are changed with not a lot of time for planning. You don't want to do anything you don't like.

In your head, Christmas is the belle of the ball, and you're thinking who deserves an honest, well thought-out gift, and who doesn't.

The ideal thing would be for you to become egalitarian and forget about fights, but the stars actually advise you to act upon your heart's desire, without expecting other people's praise in return. In fact, you find it quite absurd to have to splash cash into presents just because it's a certain time of the year.


It'll be hard for you to accept things the way they come, because this year is getting too hard to handle. Why don't you ask for an appointment with a mental health expert who helps you to get a stronger grip on your life?

Besides, your physique isn't at its best, as much as you want to pretend it is. Take on your new reality, slow down on your lifestyle and take a break whenever your body wants you to.

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