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Cancer Weekly Horoscope for 6 - 12 June 2022

Cancer, it's time to open up and be free


Cancer, this is an ideal week not only to surprise those around you, but yourself as well!

Redescovering yourself is among the best, that could happen to your curious, adventurous self. You need to find the places where you won't ever miss yourself again.

Remember not to change your personality just to get accepted, you're authentic and absolutely valid just as you are.


Cancer, you're about to go deep into a wonderfully exciting tendency this week. You've got to make good use of this great financial evolution to make as much progress as you can.

You've got several goals in mind that won't come true if there's no intention or sacrifice. Reconsider whether you really need what you're after before you pull out your credit card to pay up, and learn to control your desire to shop. You can be just as happy with less.


Cancer, the Weekly Horoscope wants you to try to stay alert around all the information going around you on the daily. If you learn to listen out for what's essential, you'll find new ways to come closer to your dream job.

Don't get surrounded with too many opinions, you can't trust them all and follow every piece of advice. You should learn to send through only those that are more appropriate for a successful week.


Cancer, your Horoscope says you should take a chance this week to go for a walk under this fine weather. You could also go ambitious and resume an old hiking route that you feel like revisiting after these many years.

Fresh air will help you get away from a routine that will feel overwhelming these next few days.


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