Cancer Horoscope Weekly 2020

Cancer Weekly Horoscope for 6 - 12 July 2020: Don't let anyone stand in your way

There'll be new dynamics in the way you and your partner connect with one another


Cancer, the laws of your relationship could be rewritten.  There'll be new dynamics in the way you and your partner connect with one another, and you'll be able to find new charms that make you enjoy your bond even more. All you need to do is forget about prejudice and send it off.

There'll be times when your beloved doesn't fully understand you, but you should keep insisting because they'll end up catching what you mean, although without having to use an authoritative tone about it. In the same way, be a more active listener and give in to some of their ideas (or all of them, why not?).

This week will be a more controversial affair if you're still single. You love someone but can't find it in you to share your true feelings, and you'll be jealous about seeing them hang out with other people. Changing your fate is nothing but your responsibility, don't expect Venus to do everything for you.

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Don't let anyone stand in your way  if you're reaching new goals at work. You need to fend off jealous people and keep them away from you, but without wasting too long in the process.

You'll have to try a little harder at sorting out your debts; if you're the person who needs their money back, the effort will have to be even greater, because you'll have to chase people around to get the debts paid off.

The anxiety that occasionally takes over you makes you become a shopaholic. When you buy generally unnecessary things, you soothe the fire inside you, but that's not enough; it soon lights up again and you'll want to buy more, just because that means you get to spend money.


Be bolder when dealing with emotions. Several of your health issues come from your nerves,  which you're not handling the right way. However, you'll see more light than usual at the end of the tunnel, and that's the path to follow.

Be careful when doing exercise and don't load up too much weight on you, even if you feel like an invincible superhero.

Fortunately for you, taking good care of your diet will seem like a simple affair. You won't have too much of a sweet tooth and you'll turn down fried foods.