Cancer Horoscope Weekly 2020

Cancer Weekly Horoscope for 5 - 11 October 2020: Intense emotions coming ahead

There won't be any masks or make-up hiding your feelings


Cancer, feelings will be running deep this week. You'll experience intense emotions such as empathy, pride or even pity; you'll feel extremely alive and you'll do your best to give love to people close to you (and they do deserve it indeed).

Make good use of that form of world connection to make a statement of love. Tell that person you've been loving secretly about how you feel. If you're already in a relationship, you'll find the perfect chance to propose or to suggest having a new baby.

For you there won't be any masks or make-up hiding your feelings. You'll bet on authenticity, and won't let anyone render you speechless. You'll enjoy showering your partner in small gifts, such as presents, love notes in their wallet...

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As far as work and business are concerned, there's information you should keep to yourself. Be careful when choosing your confidantes; your tongue could fly quicker than your mind and you might spill some data that could be considered basically secrets.

Don't let your ego or thirst for conversation play tricks against you, as much as you enjoy being the star in every room. You might mess up big this time around, and you wouldn't get that juicy of a reward anyway.

If you want to save up, start shutting down daily expenses. For example, whenever you go shopping, compare the prices of fresh and natural or raw products; you'll see they're cheaper than frozen or tinned foods.

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Your week starts steadily on the health front,  and there's even improvement coming for those of you experiencing chronic ailments.

There'll be days when you're worried about your looks, and you'll want a more beautiful reflection from the mirror. Despite it all, the stars encourage you to exercise your brain rather than your muscles. Real beauty lies within.

If you think your memory's playing tricks on you lately, before heading for the neurologist, analyse whether this could be caused by stress. To avoid forgetting about important things, write down on a notebook or small pad everything you do or still have to get done; that way, there won't be any underlying doubts around you.