Cancer Weekly on a sky background with shooting stars

Cancer Weekly Horoscope for 5 - 11 April 2021: Pay closer attention to your kids

Get to know new people who are in your situation


Cancer, this week you'll be fighting hard against jealousy, the kind of feeling that makes the gorgeous skies of your relationship go shady in the blink of an eye. At the same time, you should push away and all friends who feel envious about how good your love life is at the moment.

If you're single, your extroverted personality will help you get to know new people who are in your situation, and to try fun plans as well. It wouldn't be a bad idea to bring back an old friend with whom you used to see sparks flying.

Pay closer attention to your kids' needs, and if there's a chance to talk about issues connected to sexual or emotional education, do it tactfully.

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You're kind of losing concentration at work. You take too long to reach a specific goal, and the simplest, most usual tasks become a goliath you just can't seem to tackle down.

Your tongue flies quicker than your mouth does plenty of times, and you might say something rude or inappropriate in front of respectable people, thus causing friction between their company and yours. You've been warned that diplomacy will be a rising asset.

As the month progresses, you keep pulling out your calculator more and more often. You can't find a way to save up, no matter how much you try to and repeat it to yourself every single day. Perhaps it's because your money's going down a drain you can't see yet.


You often read about new fad diets with great benefits for your body and wellness.  Find more information at professional quality before you try out any of those diets, talk to your doctor and have them sort out any of your doubts.

If you live in the seashore, take sunset as a good chance to go for a run around the sea line (barefoot, even), fill up your lungs with fresh air, and let the sea drown your inner demons.

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