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Cancer Weekly Horoscope for 4 - 10 January 2021: Don't boast about virtues you don't have

These will be days of overall peace and quiet for your heart


Cancer, these will be days of overall peace and quiet for your heart. Things will unfold as they're meant to. But try not to stiffen up too much, because at the slightest clue of unexpected change, you'll feel clueless and lost.

In that sense, you aren't ready for your partner to suggest bringing in new items (or people, why not) into your intimate moments. You need a deep sense of serenity and stability in your married life.

Some of you singles out there will grow tired of always pulling the weight. The person you're seeing never makes the first move, and you'll think about throwing in the towel and letting the story wilt on its own. You're confident that life will soon offer more exciting adventures.

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You know that you aren't on the road to excellence you set out for yourself in late December. New Year's resolutions are starting to go down the drain far too soon! 2020 has definitely been hard, and even though you thought that 2021 would bring change, you were wrong.

That's why you'll have to double your efforts if you want your finances to go on an exponential improvement track. You need to stop going halfway at work, and to pull out all the stops instead.

Here's a piece of advice: don't boast about virtues you don't have, because you'll be easily caught in your lies, and your professional skills could become questioned.


You're becoming quite strong physically speaking.  You could carry out chores that usually appear to be too hard to handle, and you won't get too tired. Your endurance will be the target for the envy of many.

You'll feel highly satisfied by helping people in need, whether it be your neighbour next door or someone living far that you're helping through an NGO.

And as far as physical wellness goes, if you don't have time to head over into the gym, at least leave your car behind and walk everywhere, and use stairs more often instead of elevators.

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