Cancer Horoscope Weekly 2020

Cancer Weekly Horoscope for 31 August - 6 September 2020: Always ready for conversation

You'll always try and see things from a different perspective


There are opposing influences as far as love goes, Cancer, but you can make the most of them if you make the right moves.

There'll be days when you feel calm and happy, but other times you'll be out of place, and won't really know what makes you happy or where you should aim your course. Besides, it'll be hard for you to sympathise with your family and friends; you won't understand their attitude or daily responsibilities.

Among your virtues, communication will stand out; you'll always be open to conversation and to try and see things from a different perspective.

If you're still free as a bird, someone equally skilful and attractive could find a way to trap you in their tangled web. Will you let yourself be hunted?

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Work relationships will go smooth sailing.  Keep working as hard as you've done so far, or even a little more. It is essential that you pair up your good performance with the right projection for your achievements. Whenever you get something big done, make everyone aware and don't be so modest about it! If victory stays home, it's as if it never happened in the first place.

The stiff joints ruling your financial life will get a bit more flexible over these days when we're bidding August goodbye and welcoming September.

It's always important to watch out for finances, but right now you should make the absolute most of your money and stretch out your resources. You know that money takes a lot longer to come in than to come out.

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You currently tend to see life under grey shades, when there's actually no reason to be pessimistic in thought. In a way, you enjoy creating non-existent worries, you feel more amused about it.

Use your time to analyse your surroundings more accurately and enjoy everything that you've got, which isn't little, by the way. Enjoy your full vitality, and use it wisely by doing sports or other activities that you find fun.

You'll have a special connection to animals, and some of you will consider helping out by volunteering at a shelter.

Body odour could be your worst nemesis; use clothing pieces that are breathable, and find deodorants that match your skin type perfectly.