The Cancer sign with a universe background

Cancer Weekly Horoscope for 30 November - 6 December: Love is in the air more than ever before

Cupid will be highly present over the course of this week


Cancer, Cupid will be highly present over the course of this week joining the second-to-last and the final month of 2020, which you're so ready to see part ways with you.

There's great influence from the stars for those of you considering to ask your partner to marry you and make the relationship official. Some of you are dreaming of a big, pretty wedding, while others just want to make the commitment final by tying the knot intimately, just like one more piece of paperwork.

Love will be in the air now more than ever before, and you'll breathe it in as soon as you step out of bed. If you're single, you'll convey that passion over to your suitor (or the person you like who doesn't know it yet). Small things will tell you whether they're interested in getting to know you better or not.

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You'll enjoy some serious mental agility,  and you'll be able to understand everything right away, including last-minute changes. These assets will allow you to take unexpected chances at work, and you'll be good at improvising along the way.

Your dignity will diminish due to money. Some of you will feel tempted enough to ask a close relative for a loan. Thus, it'll be obvious that your financial management is terribly poor.

Christmas will involve a great amount of spending (both for you and everyone else), and the numbers just don't seem to add up. Still, before asking anything from anyone, make sure you know how often you've been there to support others with your own flow, and if it would be appropriate for you to request a loan.

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Life will lead you into experiencing all sorts of situations where your attention should be particularly sharp and well-aimed. Despite this warning, don't abuse coffee or any other substances that will keep you awake, because they could be harmful if taken to excess.

In fact, a good night's sleep is much more positive to your focus than any other supplement you may take.

Rearrange and organise your personal healthcare schedule, and see if you've got any upcoming appointments for your dentist or neurologist, and set a reminder up on your phone so that you don't forget any of your appointments.