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Your Weekly Cancer Horoscope for 30 May - 5 June 2022

Cancer, don't let bad news ruin your week


Cancer, this week you're in for plenty of doubt, no matter if you're single or happily taken.

There could be high chances that your partner won't be completely honest when it's time to lay the cards upon the table. Particularly so if you need to think of a tagline to give your relationship a name. If you're taken, you'll start seeing suspicious messages in his phone pop-ups.


The Weekly Horoscope says you're at an excellent stage to sharpen your intuition. You'll easily see deals that seem invisible to the eyes of those around you, sales because there's a stock clearance, discounts for minor manufacturing issues...

Use that chance to jump into the stores and go shopping. But remember to take home only what you really want or you consider absolutely essential. Making some preference ranking lists might help you not to go wild when you're shopping, Cancer.


Cancer, your Wekly Horoscope sees that there are great moments ahead for all that you do around the workplace to finally be truly appreciated.

This acknowledgement could come in the form of a promotion or bonus, which you must reinvest into more training to stay as professional as you are. This could arise feelings of envy and you may experience mild blackmailing as well. Watch your back and confidantes.


Your Weekly Horoscope brings bad health news. You've got an important medical appointment that won't make you feel too good… When you get the news, try your very best to be optimistic, Cancer.

You're in the best hands; with time and effort, you'll soon recover from this hard hit that you've been given. Try to keep your good vibrations as untouched as you can.

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