Cancer Horoscope Weekly 2020

Cancer Weekly Horoscope for 3 - 9 August: Plenty of romantic initiatives going on

Magic will be even more special for couples in long-term relationships


You've got a week of love ahead of you;  it's as if Venus had sprayed its best perfume all around Cancer, and magic will be even more special for couples that have been together for a long while. Passion will come alight again, even if gentle strokes have been more absent than present over the last few months.

There'll be plenty of initiatives both from you and your partner; in that sense, if you're still single, you could be surprised about a quick statement of love, or a close friend that wants to have a good time in bed with you.

Your communicative warmth and love of life will be contagious; there'll be days when you're a little more down in the dumps, but your loved ones will give you back that energy you share every day so that you're smiling sooner than later. Be happy this week, because the skies will make it really easy for you to get there!

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There are good omens coming for you if you're preparing to get in a good work position. Whether you're studying for public examinations, doing research on a company with whom you'll be having an interview or any other situation of that sort, you're in for a very positive result.

The next few days will be intense if you're an intellectual or a researcher: your mind will be crystal clear, and your head will be overflowing with original ideas. In some cases, they could reach the state of being monumental. Take that chance to get more actively involved in some serious reflection upon your position.

You'll have the best skills you can get to achieve a more than immediate change of pace and path. Ready to take the plunge?

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Your health isn't doing too well,  and you might even have a weak instance or two over the first week of August.

But you won't be distressed; you can feel there's a strong sense of courage inside you that will help you deal with any backlash life gives you, whether your own or from people close around you. If you shatter, no one will tell.

Try having teas that cleanse your system from the inside a little, such as white tea, a healthy beverage that has been going around China for millennia. There must be a reason why!