The Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Cancer Weekly Horoscope for 29 March - 4 April 2021: Pair up intuition and an objective point of view

You're flying up the stairs of your relationship


Cancer, you're flying up the stairs  of your relationship with plenty of strength and speed behind you. Strength will definitely be an asset, but... what about speed? Sometimes your plans unfold as if you were building a house from the top instead of paying attention to the foundation at the bottom.

In order for your marriage to be better, you should change the order of certain elements this week, and you'll find that there's pieces which could fit better if they're set up somewhere else.

And if you're still single and unattached, you'll see your romantic interest has an empty glance. There's something distressing their heart, and they need to pour out their inner demons. Come closer and show that you care about their wellbeing. They'll gradually open up to you, and... who knows what could happen later?

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This week, the stars are focusing intensely on your career, and they'll help out even if you don't see it at first. You're in for a few days that seem to be beneficial for you! This situation could even render you quizzical, because you're not used to winning; your inner saboteur often tells you that you don't deserve the best.

However, that doesn't mean everything will go smooth sailing. You'll have to fight as hard as usual, and watch your patience. Count to ten and learn to take things as they come, with class and dignity.

Whenever you're in a pinch, just smile, avoid tripping over your direct competitors' obstacles, and pair up intuition and an objective point of view.


You've got a good physical shape, even though it's hard for you to get a good night's rest (perhaps you're not sleeping much because you watch too much TV). Use your days off to relax and restore your energy, because your week could feel longer than it actually is.

Take good care of your heart by including magnesium-rich foods in your diet, because they'll help you prevent heart attacks and illnesses. There's plenty to choose from! Pumpkin seeds, raw cocoa powder or linen have this nutrient inside them.

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