Cancer Horoscope Weekly 2020

Cancer Weekly Horoscope for 29 June - 5 July 2020: Set your love on the frontline

Your gift for languages could open doors to new professional markets and business areas


Throughout the week, marital feelings could fall into the background, forgotten in the midst of an endless stream of daily battles. You'll need to make an effort to pay more attention to your partner, and prove how much you truly care about them.

Some days you'll feel cloudier than brighter and your partner could show a false indifference towards you. Don't let yourself go with first impressions, scratch the surface off a little and you'll find the fears and concerns inhabiting their heart, Cancer.

If you're single, you might bump into someone who's pretty bright and lively, especially if you're planning to attend social or cultural meet-ups. If the other person is interested in you, but you aren't too fully convinced, tell them straight away.

As far as family goes, there doesn't seem to be too good of a connection with the people who have a great age difference with you. You'll have to try harder at being sympathetic.

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At work, you should be careful about some of the opinions  you express openly about issues that fall outside your professional jurisdiction. Topics like politics, religion or even sport teams could create empty and annoying debates.

Save yourself from the headaches if you can. It's true that some of your colleagues might be overly sensitive, but it's also true that you could hold yourself back a bit.

Your gift for languages could open doors to new professional markets and business areas; if languages aren't your strongest feat, you should consider doing some studying, always keeping the wellness of your finances and your family's needs in mind.


You'll have a train of thought with shades of grey,  almost bordering on black at some point. You keep overthinking things and you want to cloud your everyday life with issues that aren't really that important. Stop seeing ghosts where there's nothing but shade.

You'll feel some temporary discomfort in your limbs and joints, but it won't be anything too serious.

Lastly, you should stay alert and focused if you're doing crafting work or a home makeover. Accidents tend to occur more easily in those circumstances. Keep the old adage in mind: prevention is better than the cure.