Cancer Horoscope Weekly 2020

Cancer Weekly Horoscope for 28 September - 4 October 2020: Happiness is your ultimate goal

You leave little pills of bliss behind you as you progress


Cancer, you'll have a special talent at listening to anyone that needs to share their fears or concerns, their dreams and wishes. You'll feel like a complete, useful individual that helps people in need through more than just daily actions, and besides that, giving good advice in the process.

That's one of the reasons why your partner will feel tremendously lucky to be with you. Still, try to use your own advice to keep a calmer, more distracted life.

You know that happiness is a strong goal in life, and you'll work hard and long to get it, while you leave little pills of bliss behind you as you progress. You might lower down your guard someday and be ambushed by nostalgia or insecurity, but it's a small bump on the road you can trip onto every now and then.

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In the same way that you've got great omens coming up in love, there's a rocky road ahead as far as work goes. Your ambition's starting to come out, you want to progress far and quick, and that's why you might choose roads that might not be set out for you to explore further.

Your head's saying you're going wrong, but your gut and budget are telling you to move on, and when you've got the money in your hands, that anguish will disappear.

Remember that it's never too late to stop in your tracks and go back to a better, more humbled road. Some of you will choose to pack up and start up a new professional life in another country.

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This week, tiredness will be highly present in your life, although you should admit that sometimes you complain just because you can. It's hard for you to handle your own energy, you step on the throttle too often and can't see a chance to step on the break and gain momentum again.

Generally speaking, you're in for a good mood. You'll know how to make your loved ones happy, and some of your ailments will improve (perhaps because you're not paying them close attention, and that feels as if they disappeared).