Cancer sign on a pink and purple watercolor background

Cancer Weekly Horoscope for 28 December 2020 - 3 January 2021: Be brave and admit to your mistakes

You'll start writing out a new love story not many people are aware of


Cancer, these days it's time to welcome the new year coming on, and they'll be quite complex for your heart.  You feel clumsy as if anything you did would cause harm to your loved ones, or at least made them uncomfortable or upset.

But pay attention! Don't play the victim if you've been neglecting your duties as a partner (or mother or father); be brave, admit to the mistakes you've made, and promise yourself to change.

In some homes, you'll start writing out a new love story that not many people are aware of. You enjoy forbidden romance, little white lies, and leading a private life not many people know about.

You're always wearing masks that hide away the real you. Stop hiding the truth, go with honesty as your main crest ahead, and life will improve. Your family will give you full support!

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Your willpower will be your greatest ally  for the week coming on. You'll carry out duties at work that you weren't initially meant to take on; changes will be the norm and you won't feel belittled when adversity hits.

You'll embrace your new reality, and your collaborative spirit will help you sort out whatever issues others thought were impossible to sort out.

While you're at it, you should keep your account in order and see where your finances are standing. Christmas has taken a toll on your bills that you weren't ready for. You might be able to get something nice every now and then, but not every waking hour for the whole week.


Some days, you won't even recognise yourself when you look into the mirror. You're kind of throwing hygiene and beauty habits into the backseat.

Find a time when you feel especially peppy to try out a new beauty treatment that improves your resting face. Why not even consider a full extreme makeover?

The main enemies against your well-being will be stress and insomnia. Fight them with natural remedies, such as teas. And avoid getting sleeping pills on your own without any medical supervision!

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