Cancer Horoscope Weekly 2020

Cancer Weekly Horoscope for 27 July - 2 August 2020: Nature will heal you

You'll have to make some extra effort to find balance


If we think about your love life like a grade report, Cancer, this week we can see that you're far from getting an A+. You'll manage to just scrape by, and only by doing some serious work would you see a slight improvement.

You feel like there's more things that get you apart from your partner than those that bring you together. It's as if you spoke different languages and felt unable to communicate in a serious manner with one another, about important issues that involve both of you, such as your kids' education and wellness, or paying the mortgage. Living together will become a hard affair for pretty much everyone.

Due to a tangled-up overall environment, if you're single you'll have to make some extra effort to find balance and enjoy some harmonious days. Even if you try to find the appropriate environment to win the heart of your beloved, it won't be an easy feat.

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You can rest assured over this week joining July and August together. There's some good influence coming from the skies (but you could eventually see a minor delay when getting your paycheck due to a human mistake).

Everything will be straight and orderly at work,  at least if you're sensible enough to manage your time and responsibilities in a smart way. Here's some advice: you don't need to go on any risky adventures this week, so make sure you're always treading on firm ground.

Finally, why don't you save up a set amount of money regularly? Sooner than later, an essential item like the car that takes you to work could break down and cause trouble.


Your physical tone will be good;  if you feel more tired than usual, a bit of rest at a natural spot will become a great healing method.

Keep a close eye on your medications as well as any cosmetics and self-care items you regularly use. Take a look at how long they've been open; they might be outdated and will do more harm than good on you.

If something looks or smells a little funny, you're better off throwing it into the trash.