Cancer Horoscope Weekly 2020

Cancer Weekly Horoscope for 26 October - 1 November 2020: An understanding mood is coming

Make small steps but make them strong and firm


Cancer, you're ready to bury the hatchet with your partner over this week bringing together October and November. Thus, if you're in a relationship where there's been tension going on and even some foul wording, the stars will boost an understanding and reconciling mood.

There won't be any obstacle that you can't face, because together you'll make it go away for good. And some extra advice as well: don't summon past ghosts, because they never bring any good into romance.

If you're still free as a bird, the skies encourage you to be cautious. When it comes to meeting new people, make small steps but make them strong and firm. Only then will you be certain that the pool is full of water before taking the plunge.

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There'll be a desire for action in your last few days of the month, a desire to create change in your professional life thanks to your training (and of course, the sweat on your brow from working hard). You'll slip into your Sunday professional best to climb the ladder of success.

You'll get moving to find a job if you're looking for it, and you'll make good use of your contact book. Knock on every single door you can reach, ask for recommendation letters... Long story short, do your part of the work.

There'll be constant praise to your professionalism, and you need to learn to embrace it, but without going too far as to believe you're invincible and above all good and evil

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Try to include some foods to fight back bloating  in this week's diet, because your body will be kind of running low. Just to name a few, there's pineapple, fish and garlic.

You need to feel useful just for the sake of your mental health. Crossing your arms and watching life fly by seems boring. You'll share your good mood and help people who are going through a foul emotional rut.

Watch your schedule and always try to go to bed at the same time. If you cleanse your skin before bed with tonic, you'll see your looks take a serious improvement.