The sign of Cancer on a colourful sky background

Cancer Weekly Horoscope for 25 - 31 January 2021: Sail your ship into smoother seas

Prove to your partner that you're there and will always be


Cancer, romantic experiences have made you understand that love is reborn every single day, and it is an emotion with a life of its own. You need to take good daily care of it so that it remains strong and beautiful, and you should make serious efforts with it, just like you would by tending to a delicate flower.

Your marriage is at a bit of a dry stage, but you should prove to your partner that you're there and will always be, no matter how hard things get; that you'll smile when days are good, and even brighter when they grow dull.

If you're single, the stars foresee that your romantic interest seems pretty hard to get. Even though they're kind of attracted to you, they'd rather look elusive out of a fear of commitment, and that's why they'll want to do some cat and mouse games with you.

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You need to untie the sails on your career ship.  The fear you get from losing stability oftentimes stops you from evolving. Sail your ship into smoother seas, and let your intuition be your guide. You've got a lot to win out there.

Make a move if you've grown tired of your current job, or the nervousness that you get when thinking whether you're at stake. Leave your fears aside and start moving your CV around, leave your comfort zone behind and start considering -perhaps- finding a new home abroad.

If you're unemployed you should make the absolute most of the Internet, because there's plenty of social networks with job openings that could prove interesting. This week, you need to set yourself the challenge of attending at least two job interviews.


Doing some sport first thing in the morning  before you leave for work will help you get in shape almost out of the blue. Make this move a daily habit and you'll see that results are coming nearly overnight.

Double your attention if you spend long hours driving; people don't have reflexes as sharp as yours, and they might pull you into a scare. And of course, forget about the phone when you're behind the wheel.

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