Cancer Horoscope Weekly 2020

Cancer Weekly Horoscope for 24 - 30 August 2020: A schedule filled to the brim with events

Beautiful words and affection are never out of place


Take a good look to your schedule this week: you'll see that it's filled to the brim with events,  both professional and private and that sometimes there won't be any room for the kind of seduction and generosity you need to give your partner, Cancer.

Thus, you'll have to double your efforts to enjoy a true honeymoon stage with your partner. Even if you keep saying you're one cold crab, try to give your beloved more compliments and flattery; beautiful words and affection are never out of place.

Passion will be pretty intense if you're single. Be rigorous and truthful about your feelings, and don't make promises of love to the first person that walks by you if you're not expecting a second or third date.

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There are a couple of planets that will cause your professional situation to weaken, and that's why you'll have to stay alert to avoid making a mess. You'll feel under constant analysis and judgment, and you're definitely right: there are people keeping a close eye on you waiting for you to make a mistake.

You'd like to have a week where your excess spending gets gradually reduced. Make a budget cut here and another one there, and stretch the money in your wallet or bank accounts. There's no need for you to fulfil all your whims or make your wishes come true as if the world was set to end tomorrow.

Learn to say no to plans that you're not particularly into, but which you usually agree to in order to have an excuse to go out. Dinners at fancy restaurants, short trips to uninteresting spots and other situations of that sort should be eliminated from your schedule.

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This week you'll be pretty gullible, and you'll put aside whatever you've set your mind to (dieting, for instance) to obey the wishes of a slightly persistent friend.

Don't duck your head down for anything or anyone, follow your inner conscience and don't let your self-esteem get crushed under the pressure. Step on the world with firm steps, and think that it's made to your liking. Be the star of the movie of your life.

You'll have to tear down your beliefs as far as healthcare goes to set up new and steadier foundations. There are rituals that you follow to take care of yourself, but there's no scientific back-up to your attitude.