Cancer Horoscope Weekly 2020

Cancer Weekly Horoscope for 23 - 29 November 2020: You'll be the best at competition

Never let other people make choices on your behalf


Cancer, this week will be quite emotional,  and generally in a positive way. There'll be gorgeous moments that will fill you up with glee and happiness. There's going to be harsher times as well, of course, but you'll be wise and calm enough to deal with complex situations.

In that sense, what will keep you the most awake at night will be your kids' education and upbringing. If only there were an instruction manual to lead them down the right road...!

And if you're single, you'll be playing with fire. You could find yourself facing a dead end because you gave your love and privacy to someone you're not so sure is deserving enough, but you like them anyway. Whatever you do this week, never let other people make choices on your behalf, and only listen to your heart.

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You're not fully aware of how easily you change your mind.  What you see shrouded in black today could be pure white in just a couple of days. If your choices change too easily, you could lose your calm and your thoughts could scatter all over.

That's why you should be firm with whatever rules and boundaries you set at work, especially if you're spearheading a team. Otherwise, your followers could rebel.

Perhaps this is all a consequence of the worldwide health crisis, which has made the common sense of many fly off the walls. But there's great inner power in you, and if you manage to tie it down, you'll find the balance you're looking for.

Last but not least, the stars encourage you to request a raise or buy real estate at good conditions: you'll be a convincing person when doing business.

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At a first glance, you'll have quite a stable week and positive influences that will help you heal any part of your body that's grown weak. If you've been following a rehab program after surgery or an accident, you'll make some great progress.

You're surrounded by excellent individuals who will help you put your anxiety or nervousness into perspective. You'll know how to keep a healthier life mentally.

Finally, if you're a professional sportsperson, you'll be standing out among the crowd; competition was made for you, especially if it's individual sports we're talking about.