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Your Weekly Cancer Horoscope for 23 - 29 May 2022

Great sacrifices always hide great rewards, Cancer


Cancer, this week you should open up to the outside world, because there's plenty of fish around you.

You can't settle for what you've got, you need to push further. We're always recycling personal and romantic relationships.

It isn't your fault that your interests changed and you no longer like what you did before.

A good way to get started on that open process is to join a cooking class, and maybe you'll even find love there.


The Weekly Horoscope wants you to try training your discipline around saving up,  because it'll help you improve your precarious finances for the week.

You can start by checking discounts and bargains when you need clothes, or squeezing up your budget for the awaited holidays that never come around.

If you manage to get a blessing from your Stars in finances, you'll be thankful for it in time. Start planning around your wonderful dream destination!


Your Horoscope foresees a perfect week to boost every job that's connected to entrepreneurship and creativity.

You've already seen that this year is quite good for that, so you can keep adding bonus points if you're willing to receive the great ideas you keep planning.

Remember that inspiration should always catch you at work. That's the golden rule of top creatives.


The Weekly Horoscope says your health will remain steady, although the Stars might end up pulling you into a downward sedentary spiral that won't do you good if you let laziness win.

Remember that sport is just as necessary as eating healthy and staying hydrated if you want to live as long and as prosper as you can.

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