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Cancer Weekly Horoscope for 22 - 28 March 2021: Following your heart doesn't make you selfish

You'll make choices towards being more generous


Cancer, you're enjoying a quiet environment,  and over the next few days you'll make choices towards being more generous with your partner. You'll share the feelings that make you a coward, and you'll aim to show your vulnerable side more often. You don't need to look perfect and composed 24 hours a day!

Perhaps your partner has plenty of daily life issues, but their issues are yours too. They'll give you some great advice, and you should use it wisely.

If you're single, remember the goals you set out for yourself last December 31st, and see what's off the list and what it is that you're dodging away from. Following your heart doesn't make you selfish, it turns you into the star of the movie of your life. You'll happily see that someone you like starts responding to your signs after that!

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You've got the best toolset available to sort out the urgent issues coming up at work. You're definitely a patient person, and you'll be great at teaching colleagues whose experience in your field of expertise is quite short.

Because of your persistence, your goals keep coming in closer. You'll also look ahead and find a series of paths in the horizon you'd never seen before. Are you finally listening to your soul telling you about your true calling?

Use part of your time to visit your bank and get some perks out of your account, such as interest rates and commission fees. If you're not interested about what you're being offered, you could always change entities, because the offer for banks out there is quite wide.


This week you'll be a homebody sign,  you'll enjoy staying home and will prefer to exercise in your living room (perhaps following a YouTube tutorial) than going into the gym and sweating your body off there.

In any case, you won't be the most active person out there either; you'll have a whole series of excuses not to move, or to skip your diet at any point. At least you're kind of lucky, because you'll be in good shape and with great balance skills.

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