Cancer Horoscope Weekly 2020

Cancer Weekly Horoscope for 21 - 27 September 2020: Time's too quick to stay sheltered

Feeling things under the wings of intensity could be so beautiful


You're trying to keep people away from your thoughts and setting up a huge barrier, but it won't be enough. You'll learn that constant control of emotions makes you miss the beauty of life. And if someone tries to take down that barrier, you should roll out the red carpet instead of scaring them away.

Feeling things under the wings of intensity could be so beautiful. Throw away every insecurity and fear of yours, Cancer, and enjoy life as it comes. Years can fly by, so stop sheltering yourself away.

If you break that shell yourself, you'll feel wonders in your married life. You'll let intensity flood your body out, and you'll enjoy whatever you want, not what others allow you to enjoy. If you're single, you might bump into someone that you particularly like.

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You're often lost as to what day is it, whether you're taking the right path or you've gone off-track. Family life arrangements will make work harder,  but it's just a matter of making a proper schedule and follow it closely.

Be careful with misunderstandings with colleagues. Be polite whenever there's a conflict on the table, and watch your peculiar sense of humour, because not everyone might get you.

Try to find time to run an audit through your accounts; you're making a serious mistake you still haven't found. And while you're at it, take time to tackle urgent financial issues and don't put them off for later.

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It's time to focus on your hands and feet because you've been neglecting their health.

Are you a nail biter by default? Aside from a rude and nasty behaviour, this is something that could cause several illnesses and damages your teeth. On the other hand, remember that your feet are carrying your full body weight, and that's why you should care for them as much as you can.

Your smell sensitivity will skyrocket this week. There'll be scents that bring you to a different time in your life when you didn't have as many worries and everything seemed simpler; they might even remind you of a loved one that's no longer around.