The Cancer sign in blue with a starry sky background

Cancer Weekly Horoscope for 21 - 27 December: Time to take on new challenges

You'll be able to introduce a new partner to your kids or parents


Cancer, it'll be simpler than usual to communicate with your partner or relatives. You'll start calling out loud things that many people suspect, but which no one dared ask.

In that sense, this week, if you've found a new partner, you'll be able to introduce them to your kids or parents. You'll show how happy your heart is, and they'll rejoice in that feeling. If you're single, you'll tear down some of your prejudice and start being happy without explaining yourself to anyone.

There might be some clashing in longer marriages, but you should know that happens nearly everywhere, especially with Christmas underway. This time makes us all more sensitive than usual.

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Some of your past mistakes will blossom anew,  so you'll have to bring out your most polite, discreet side to sort them out. Don't let a mistake you made long ago render you sleepless in the present.

Things are much simpler than you think, but you always try to see a half-empty glass, and you're afraid that some people will steal the rewards you've been working up to so hard.

Take on some new challenges, tiptoe your way out of your comfort zone, and be objective about the level of demand you put on yourself. By following this advice, not only will you keep your professional reputation intact, but you'll also boost it by the time the week's gone.


Nothing will be more healing to your heart than staying in touch with family and friends.  Any time will feel appropriate to have a meet-up. They'll remind you of the brightest side of life, and will soothe down your daily worries.

You'll carry out activities that get your body in shape, but in the same way, you'll work on your intellect too. You'll finally read some books that had nearly become a decorative item, and you'll feel interested about having a religion or ethics debate.

You'll see a whole new world of sensations beyond couch fun and binge-watching.

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