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Your Weekly Cancer Horoscope for 20 - 26 June 2022

Cancer, watch out for misunderstandings and sorrow


Cancer, this week you could get nervous because of misunderstandings or conflict. Be particularly careful if you involve your partner or acquaintances, because you could lose some of them.

If you manage to stay calm, express yourself honestly, and avoid seeing inexistent ghosts, you'll make it. Be particularly careful with words, especially when talking about your partner's occupations. Appreciate them the right way before it all goes down the drain.


The Weekly Horoscope says  you should pay attention to legal affairs; foul financial affairs are coming up. You might need to get help and legal counseling, to escape the mess you've gotten involved with, and not by choice.

Watch out if you want to step out alone, and don't invest money into ideas that might be too utopian. You can still save your week if you keep it real, Cancer.


Your Horoscope will boost your focus, teamwork skills, and any relationship that requires collaboration to make progress. You should try to make the most of these dynamics, to make sure you're supported, or strengthen your ties with old clients.

It's cheaper to build up on who knows your work, than to find new clients. Explore communicative paths to expand your idea, and don't give up. You need to work if you want a steady future, Cancer.


The Weekly Horoscope warns that sorrow could affect you too badly this week. To keep up the good mood, you can spend more time with those you love. Don't let foul thoughts drown you in place.

They'll get rid of whatever's ambushing you, Cancer.



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