Cancer Horoscope Weekly 2020

Cancer Weekly Horoscope for 20 - 26 July 2020: You'll bury the hatchets of the past

Don't feel defeated and don't be your own worst enemy


Cancer, the stars will be on your side as far as love is concerned; thus, there'll be a warm environment for couples, whether you just started seeing one another or have been together for long.

You'll feel pretty close to your partner and you can feel like you understand one another without even having to open your mouth, and one look is worth a whole speech. This way you'll sort out past conflicts and bury their hatchets so that they cease to exist.

But keep in mind that not all week will be a bed of roses; if your love life's going through a harsh place, not even Venus could protect you from disappointment or from having loneliness feel heavier than usual on your shoulders.

One piece of advice: don't feel defeated and don't be your own worst enemy. Find optimism in your heart, use your seductive powers, go find your place in the world and never stop until you're there.

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Your fighter's spirit coming out to play  this week. You're determined to improve your professional profile, you'll make your attitude fiercer than ever before, and you'll increase your knowledge base to be fully up to date. If you stay still in place, your profile might grow outdated.

In order to reach success as far as work goes you need to create a new personal projection, a brand-new image at work that intimidates the competition, and attracts the people who are supposed to hire you.

If you're still out of work, don't obsess over goals that are unreachable; aim for smaller ones that let you make do for the time being (and which help you pay off debts if that were the case).


This week you'll start considering taking vitamin supplements to help your flaking immune system.  And as far as your diet's concerned, be equally generous when it comes to fruit and vegetable servings (and if you can get rid of fried or deep-coated foods, you'll kill it).

Try to give your social life more priority time, because you've given up on it a lot; you need to connect with other people. Don't give any more excuses when your friends ask you to go out for drinks, you need them more than you'd like to admit.

What will become a real danger for you will be extreme temperatures, no matter whether hot or cold. They can even make you a little dizzy.