Cancer Horoscope Weekly 2020

Cancer Weekly Horoscope for 2 - 8 November 2020: Make sensibility your representation

It's important that you're thankful for whoever gives you their help


Cancer, you can see turbulences coming for your married skies. And since you've been warned ahead, you'll know how to act in accordance to avoid making the journey rockier than it should be.

As the next few days go by, you'll find yourself frustrated and perhaps misunderstood at times. If you're single, you'll wonder what's missing in you and why you can't keep a person right beside you, and you'll find ways to feel guilty about your situation.

As far as married couples go, separation will loom around your mind ever so silently. Still, try to make choices completely on your own, and don't let yourself be influenced by people whose opinion should come in through one ear and right out the other.

One final piece of advice: act decidedly, don't let yourself be taken by resentment, and watch how you call your other half's attention.

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You'll have great influences at work,  it'll be easy to carry out your responsibilities, and you'll know who to trust to reach new professional heights.

It's important that you're thankful for whoever gives you their help completely selflessly, and in the same way, you should get back favours that you can actually do (for instance, making a recommendation at your office for someone who's currently out of work).

Managing family finances has never been an issue, and you've done it absolutely happily; but this week, you'll be asked for way too many explanations, your management will be questioned, and you'll have to make extra efforts to offer crystal clear arguments.

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You'll be kind of prone to going through headaches and migraines  as a consequence of issues in your blood flow. To prevent further complications, avoid excessively salty foods in your menu (although extremely sweet ones aren't too good either).

Those of you who go on daily workouts should not give up. Results might take a while to come in, but they will be so much worth it. In fact, you'll see people that will give you compliments that you didn't expect to see coming.

As far as everything else goes, the week will go by without too many surprises (as long as sensitivity is your main external representation).