Cancer Horoscope Weekly 2020

Cancer Weekly Horoscope for 19 - 25 October 2020: Make the most of circumstances

This week you should have a calmer approach to things


Cancer, this is a complex stage in your life, especially because you feel like your day runs all too short. Thus, it'll be hard for you to give your partner what they expect you to, all those cuddles and hugs, and let's not get started on the responsibilities of having a family with kids.

This week you should have a calmer approach to things, play around with your schedule and be more organised. What's missing is just a little extra focus, that's all. Make them understand that although your mind might be flying around cloud nine, they're never out of it.

If you're single, the stars encourage you to make the most of circumstances. There's things that only happen once in life, so it's time to be brave and throw it all on the table. By bringing out your most daring side, you'll soon taste the sweetness of marital bliss.

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No one's giving anything out to you this week; you'll have to work hard and a lot to get what you want. Your patience might run thin at some point, but then you have to take a break and look around you with enough perspective.

Don't focus on quick results, but on those that you get through slow cooking instead.

Hurry up when paying up bills, possible fines, and any other debts you may owe. Your head's all over the place and you might forget about something as vital as keeping your bank accounts up to date.

Avoid making your week overly complicated by piling up on small mess-ups; besides, you'd end up with a seriously sour mood.

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Stomach issues could give you a bad taste or unattractive breath. A natural remedy to fight back is to chew on raw mint leaves  (or sugarfree gum of that same flavour).

You'll become highly concerned with your dental health, both in appearance and usefulness. Here's some advice: don't get obsessed with aggressive whitening treatments, and avoid having too much wine, coffee or cigarettes, the three main culprits for enamel stains.