Cancer sign on a pink and orange sky with some stars behind it

Cancer Weekly Horoscope for 18 - 24 January 2021: Writing will be your form of therapy

You'll get a chance to call the attention of your professional environment


Cancer, you need to tie your imagination down.  Sometimes you see rumours and gossip as the full truth. Insecurity is harming your self-esteem pretty badly, and you need to tie it down and keep it in check.

Throughout the week, you might suspect your partner could be cheating. And what's most serious about it is, you'll get mad without a single trace of evidence in your hands. You keep analysing gestures and words with dark meanings, and a kind of evil that nothing but your eyes could have.

If you're single, you'll feel someone's trying to go against you, ruining your bliss or tearing apart the magic of your dates. Perhaps your mind is the one sabotaging your own bliss; don't be a permanent opponent to short-lived flings or fun.

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You'll get a chance to call the attention of your professional environment, and you might even snatch a promotion or a nicer, more profitable performance. Despite this, make sure you don't brag too much about your success; you should keep a discreet attitude.

You've got a fully-updated set of human values, you're deeply concerned about people close to you, and you won't hesitate to give away some of your time (or even your savings) in helping out anyone who could need it.

If you're helping out at an NGO, do it without expecting anything in return. Stay home with your arms crossed if all you want is something to brag about in social media, or if there's darker interests at play. If you'd rather do it instead, devote your efforts to work directly with whoever's in need, with no mediation in between.


Anxiety could hit you hard at some point,  but try not to soothe it down by emptying your fridge, because food isn't the way to sort out your daily issues. Could you openly admit to how much you really eat throughout the day without even being hungry?

Writing could very well be your form of therapy. Try writing down some of your current fears, or the reasons why you think your nerves are making your everyday life a nightmare. When seeing it all on paper, you might find the solution you need.

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