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Your Weekly Cancer Horoscope for 18 - 24 April 2022

Put yourself first and take care of yourself, Cancer


Cancer, you always think about fulfilling the needs of your family, beloved, your friends and workmates, and that's okay. But remember that you always come first, and need to be true to yourself; then, that's where the rest of the world comes in.


The Weekly Horoscope is telling you to be careful about cash change and credit card payments.

Make sure that all account charges are what they should be, and that there isn't any funny business going on.

There may be an error or two going on, so stay alert and check twice what you buy today, or what you get charged.


The Horoscope says that you shouldn't  be afraid, avoiding holding or limiting yourself back.

Ward off your old fears and make progress with your current thoughts, because this is a great time for change and growth in your career.

Assess all choices fearlessly, you can do whatever you set your mind to.


The Weekly Horoscope shows that this week is perfect to get rid of your fears or phobias. Work to overcome them, you can make great progress if you set your mind to it and face it head on.

Lucky numbers for Cancer

Cancer, your lucky numbers for the week of 18-24 April are: 3, 5, 66, 78.

Compatibilities for Cancer

Cancer, look into your compatibilities for the week in love, friendship and work:

Tip for Cancer

Don't settle for what you need, fight for what you deserve.

Cancer Celebrities

Here are three celebrities born under Cancer, just like you:

- Mireya Moscoso, Former President of Panama born in Pedasi, Panama, on July 1, 1946

- Ned Beatty, actor born in Louisville, Kentucky, on July 6, 1937

- Luke Shaw, football player born in Kingston upon Thames, United Kingdom, on July 12, 1995

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