Cancer Horoscope Weekly 2020

Cancer Weekly Horoscope for 17 - 23 August 2020: Don't take arguments too personally

You'll feel tempted to renew your wardrobe all the way


If you're a single and unattached Cancer, you need to find your way. You've got friends who are exerting a negative influence over you in love; they tell you what they think is best and worst for you, and they make you forget about your real feelings.

Listen to what your heart says, but be sensible about it. Try not to beautify reality too much over what it truly is like, and only then will you save yourself from nasty surprises.

If you see the doors of arguments opening up between you and your partner, try not to take things too personally, even if their words hurt like knives.

They're going through a rough patch and didn't want to share to avoid making you worried and save you from suffering. The harmony you expected to enjoy will break in half, but you'll patch it back together.

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A slightly unusual star arrangement will bring changes into your work environment,  and you won't have any other choice but to adapt to the new circumstances around you. Analyse the situation from a positive stance; if you're asked to take on new responsibilities, that means you're growing professionally.

Besides, you'll see that just a little effort will make you love the new role you've been given, and you'll end up enjoying the ride.

You'll need to be more measured about your expenses; you'll become a true fashion victim, and feel tempted to renew your wardrobe all the way.

The most ideal thing would be to give new life to your current wardrobe choices, but if you do end up going shopping, remember that the receipt is your key to getting refunds going. You might regret being so prone to shopping.

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Take things calmer and slower,  especially if you're following a heavily restricted diet. Your body seems to be asking for a break. Learn how to equally divide proteins, carbs and fats; that's the key to basic wellness.

If you feel your blood pressure getting higher than usual, you could get away to the countryside or the woods to connect with your inner self. And of course, limit your salty food intake, as well as the cups of coffee per day you usually have.