Cancer Horoscope Weekly 2020

Cancer Weekly Horoscope for 16 - 22 November 2020: You'll rule over an understanding, blissful mood

Your relationships will bring you a sense of real satisfaction


Cancer, the sun's shining bright in your heart. As the new week kicks in, trouble will swoop away into the backseat; you won't ignore it, but you won't be obsessed either about things that will naturally work themselves out.

From this Monday onwards, your relationships will bring you a sense of real satisfaction. You'll get to taste some flavours that you hadn't touched with your lips as of yet; you'll feel extremely lucky when you see that life can still give you good surprises.

Tenderness and connection will be the rulers of the roost, and if you pay close attention to your partner, you'll see they're sending signs over to you because they want your relationship to enter the next stage.

If you're single, your forecast predicts there's more understanding, bliss and youth coming. You won't have to do much to reach a sense of emotional connection with other lonely hearts around you.

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You'll be prone to hiring people for the company who give you good vibes,  but their CV isn't as brilliant as it might have to be. Your sixth sense is taking you down the right path, and you're able to see what other people will overlook altogether.

You'll be an easy target for sales reps. You'll become quite the gullible individual, won't question ads at all, and will eventually think you need new items to live an easier life.

Your consumerism will be running deep, and you'll be easy to persuade into spending money. If you lower down your guard, you'll end up sinking into a recurring payment that you'll end up regretting (especially if it's not an essential item).

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The reflection from your mirrors at home isn't giving you the pleasant image you'd like to see. This is a week full of changes, because you want to be different both inside and out, getting rid of what you don't like or makes you sad.

With just a little extra effort you could improve your face's beauty, and almost at no expense; there's plenty of natural remedies to turn your skin and smile into people-pleasing (and attracting) charms.

Also, think about decorating your home with some nice, lush plants which will bring a little greenery into your life; they'll work wonders at taking away impurities in the air.