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Your Weekly Cancer Horoscope for 16 - 22 May 2022

You must boost the ability of being clear, Cancer


Cancer, remember that some of the mistakes we make  when communicating  can get us in serious trouble  if we don't do it from a stage of empathy. The way we communicate can ruin our relationships to others. We may be showing a side of us that doesn't match what we want to show, or who we really are.

If you want your relationship to survive the misinterpretations you may suffer throughout the week, you need to be particularly alert about communication.


The Weekly Horoscope knows that the best way to make real progress is to make risky investments. If you don't make strong investments like a mortgage or purchasing a car, your situation will hardly change at all. It'll take a serious investment.

Don't be scared about the risk of making this serious a bet: this is precisely what you needed. In a few years' time, you'll be happy you made these purchases right now and you'll feel so much happier.


Your Horoscope says that, if you want to keep your creativity running high, you need to rethink the ways you share your ideas. There's a promotion at stake this week.

You should try now more than ever to be the creative hard worker you've always been. In order to do that, your colleagues could help you, because they'll help you keep an open mind to innovative ideas. A good technique is to always bring two ideas ahead: a more conventional plan, and an incredibly ambitious bet.


The Weekly Horoscope says that, now that temperatures are getting better, perhaps your body will want you to spend more time outside exercising. Working out can counterattack on that sorrow you feel at times for no apparent reason.

This week, dust off your running shoes and start running around the streets, just like your free inner self.

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