Cancer Weekly on a white rectangle on a sky background

Cancer Weekly Horoscope for 15 - 21 March 2021: Some shocking revelations are coming

You'll realise you can never fully know someone


Cancer, this is a week filled with mixed emotions for you. You'll become fully involved in a stressful routine that will grow even thicker and more mangled because of minimal communication.

Over the course of the next few days, there could be some shocking revelations in the best or worst way possible. You'll realise you can never fully know someone, and there's always something hidden deep inside (even for yourself).

If you're single, you'll put away your romantic and surreal dreams and hopes to take a closer look into people around you. The man or woman who could take over your dreams has already landed onto your life. You'll be ready to come back to the trenches of love.

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You'll be encouraged to do things right by your colleagues. It will be the perfect time to fight laziness and make progress with strong steps.

You can allow yourself to daydream a little and bring back your most ambitious and personal projects. Aim to follow no other course but your own, and don't try to do things just like everyone else.

As far as money goes, you'll feel a little more free, because people who depend on you, no matter if they're younger or older, won't require as much attention from you as usual. That'll give you time to breathe in and focus on what you're really interested in.


As far as health goes, you'll make progress. Luck will be closer than usual, and you'll be particularly quick-footed in your daily duties.

With a blooming health like yours, stomachache or nervousness-induced skin rashes will take a big drop. If you're going through rehab, you'll want to skip ahead and get your goals done in record timing.

Sport initiatives will be exceptionally successful, especially if they're carried out in water.

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